April 2021 - Dembow Mix Part 2

• April 6th, 2021

Here's another anticipated mix everyone enjoys! The newest Dembow on rotation all in one MIX! Share it with a friend!


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April 2021- Reggaeton Mix Part 2

• April 2nd, 2021

Every Month Dj Cruze brings you the hottest and newest Reggaeton in the clubs all in ONE mix! In this mix, Cruze brings some new artist you will hear in the clubs soon! Just REMEMBER where you heard it first!

Happy Friday!


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March 2021 - Salsa Mix Part 1

• March 19th, 2021

#TGIF Cruze drops a CALIENTE Salsa to start the weekend vibes the right way! Share this mix with your friends and play it for your next gathering!




IG & Tiktok : @DjCruze
Snapchat & Twitter : @Dj_Cruze


March 2021 - Bachata Mix Part 1

• March 17th, 2021

Happy Hump Day! This Bachata mix should be played at a High VOLUME! Playing nothing but the some of the greatest hits of this genre!


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Snapchat & Twitter: @Dj_Cruze


March 2021 - Dembow Part 1

• March 4th, 2021

#TBT Cruze comes back with another banger. Bringing you the hottest Dembow in rotation! Share with a friend and have the mix on rotation this whole weekend!


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