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March 2021 - Bachata Mix Part 1

Happy Hump Day! This Bachata mix should be played at a High VOLUME! Playing nothing but the some of the greatest hits of this genre!


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March 2021 - Dembow Part 1

#TBT Cruze comes back with another banger. Bringing you the hottest Dembow in rotation! Share with a friend and have the mix on rotation this whole weekend!


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February 2021 - Reggaeton Mix

TGIF! Lets start the weekend with a bang! Here's the newest mix from yours truly, providing you the hottest reggaeton on rotation!




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Feb 2021 - Workout Mix

Guess who's back from hibernation? It's time to pick up the energy again and get ready for some new music and new mixes from your favorite.


This mix, Cruze decides to kick start podcast with some upbeat tempos!


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December 2020 - Reggaeton Mix

Happy Holidays to everyone who's celebrating with their loved ones during these hard times. 

Dj Cruze was "in the office" cooking up this reggaeton mix with all the HOTTEST songs from the month! Make sure to play this mix at a high volume!


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December 2020 - Bachata Mix Part 2

Surprise! Due to popular demand, Dj Cruze brings another Bachata mix with a faster tempo and enjoyable tunes for everyone to dance and enjoy until the weekend.


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December 2020 - Dembow

TGIF! Here's a mix that can never go old! DEMBOW! Hit play and share!


Enjoy! Stay safe! Follow Cruze on Socials!

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December 2020 - Best of Daddy Yankee

Happy Holidays from Dj Cruze! Cruze apologizes for not uploading content in the month of November. In this mix, Cruze breaks the best from the king of Reggaeton, Daddy Yankee! Enjoy the tunes as Dj Cruze brings some of his classic and newest music into one mix!




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November 2020 - Live Set

Here's a glimpse of what Cruze played at the club Saturday! Nothing but great energy! Share this mix with friends and family!


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October 2020 - Dembow Part4

Happy Halloween! Dj Cruze dropping the hottest and newest Dembow in current rotation! Enjoy the mix at a high volume as Dj Cruze brings you the "vibe"


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